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This comprehensive bus tour of New Orleans offers guests an in depth view of what everyday locals experience living in this great city.


Taking a VIP City tour covers much more than the known spots such as the French Quarter. This tour includes learning about other fun spots the Big Easy is famous for.


Our highly qualified guides have a passion for the Crescent City’s history and will include informative city history facts throughout the tours. We make it a mission to make sure each tourist walks away with knowledge and a memorable experience.


During the tour some of the hot spots we will take you through include The neighborhood that created Jazz – The Treme, the lavish homes within the Garden District, St. Louis Cemetery No.3 and wind down the tour sipping a coffee in the famous City Park!

$50 Per adult - 2.5 Hour Tour

Hotel Pickups Starting Daily 8:20am, 12:20pm & 2:20pm

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